Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Update time again! | Holy Chic

 Hello, its me :)

(I’m sorry I know we need to leave that joke behind in 2015 but I just had to).

Cue the long awaited update.

Making time to blog
This is most definitely my weakest point. My problem is that I set myself too many tasks for the day or even week and I end up not completing even half of them. And I think with the blogging community, there is such an underlying pressure to maintain this constant presence and being active at all times of the day. It’s not just the post, It’s the tweets and the interactivity and working on the next post. It is a constant cycle that honestly, is rather draining.

I’m not at the top of my game…YET!
Okay so I don’t have the best content, best layout or even photo quality and to be honest. After 3 year of doing this you think I would be but to be honest, I don’t even like what I post any more. Blogging is so much more than beauty and fashion blah blah blah. I’m sure you’ve heard it all before. But you know what, as the oldest saying in the book says, practice makes perfect (well the illusion of it anyway)

Realising you are more than your blog
Yes Holy Chic is my little “empire” if you will and I love what I have created. I love that I have a voice much louder than the one in real life and I love the feedback that I get from posts. But I am also a newly qualified adult, attending university and figuring everything out. My blog is something that will leave me and it is something I want to push back into my routine

Pressing pause
I wrote a post called that back at the beginning of 2015 and you can check it here because I rather like it. But you know what, it is okay to press pause and take a break because sometimes we just have to live life. Away from the screens screwing up my eyesight (haha sorry eyes)

So what’s next?
Well its 2016 and its time to bring in the New Year. I do apologise for abandoning you towards the end of the year I am so happy to be roping blogging back into my daily routine and creating new content and allowing my blog to evolve as much as I think I have.

Not only do I have a new job starting in February, but lots of trips, internships and the rest of uni to battle my way though.

I am really excited to going back on the blogging train and bringing you guys a long with me. Here is to 2016; a new year filled with lots of new things.

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