Friday, 5 February 2016

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For those of you that go to uni, I’m pretty sure you’re glad you finished your exams and are now beginning the new semester again. There is something quite satisfying about having some sort of a routine again and actually having some sort of idea of what I am doing with my week.

The only thing to fuel you will be food. And if you have gotten bored of all of the dishes you were cooking last term, hopefully this post will spark some inspiration in your cooking.

Butter chicken with rice

I actually make this quite a lot. Sometimes from scratch and sometimes store bought for those really lazy days. I use cream, milk, butter, tomato sauce and water with seasoning but there are loads of more in depth recipes online. Season it all up and a meal in no time. Add rice, and maybe some sweet peppers for some colour and crunch


This is a great alternative to regular spaghetti. I had mine with chicken and tomato sauce but the last time I had it, it was with pan fried garlic butter prawns, get creative; add pesto, more veg. its so quick yet filling.

Eggs, spinach and avocado flat

A few hours to spare between your lectures? Here’s a lunch time option. Fried eggs for protein with veg on a tortilla wrap doesn’t need to be boring. Quick and simple for a lunch time pick me up

Macaroni and cheese

This is probably a uni cult classic but I have mine with a twist for some extra flavour. A regular white sauce where I mix the macaroni with some grated cheese, black pepper and mustard. Make simple, tasty.

Chicken with rice and tomato

Simple? Yes. Boring? It doesn’t have to be. I season the chicken with the usual and add some paprika. Switch out the rice with some wholegrain rice and quinoa and drizzle with carotina oil. It’s a little healthier and adds amazing flavour. Quickly panfry some tomatoes and you’re good to go.


This is definitely a great one to do with your friends because you can all make something to contribute. I made mine with added tomatoes, spinach and guacamole but why not add sales, peppers, jalapenos, barbeque chicken, the options are endless.

So there you have it, 6, simple and relatively cheap meals for uni. What’s great about these meals is that they all filling and if you are a foodie like me, these will be right up your street. Not only that, they won’t break the bank. Student living doesn’t just have to be about 15p beans on toast and the dry pasta. Get creative on a budget. Meal prep is a great way to help with food spending too.

I will definitely be doing more food related posts because we could all use a little inspo right?

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