Sunday, 4 September 2016

Fashion 101: Stuck in a rut?

Fashion as always been something I have loved and budget shopping to me is even better. I love physically going into shops and browsing everything. I do my fair share of online shopping because usually what I want is online and I especially love it for sale stuff. (shout out to New Look who has all of my money)

I am at this age where I walk in and pick up things and I’m like crap I’m too old to wear this or crap I’m too young to wear this. The in-between stages as I’ve named it. I feel like I have to dress my age so some parts of H&M are a no go but at the same time, work wear is not my attire.
So I thought I would share with you how I have incorporated my love back into this difficult period of my life. I simply went back to basics.

Basic t shirts can be the epitome of effortless. When paired with the right staples it is easy to go from a day to night outfit.

Denim doesn’t just have to be jeans. This oversized denim jacket is great to throw on with anything without it making you look 2x the size

Although blazers are notorious for its formality, it can actually be some something quite casual during the day. With jeans and a t shirt, a slightly oversized blazer can add a little structure

Graphic tees are not just for kids and they are great to throw on for one of those “popping to the shops” moments. I mean who isn’t loving a sewed on patch these days

The off the shoulder look has taken the world by storm. I’m quite partial to ones with straps. With a little embroidered detail, it’s a great way to spruce up an outfit

I have actually fallen head over heels in love with jumpsuits. So easy to throw on with no fuss. Pair with heels or trainers for a great transitional outfit piece.

After my trip from Thailand I have only wanted to wear trousers and not jeans. They give a nice relaxed tailored look without it being too formal for everyday casual attire

These trainers and heels I always talk about. Well here they are

Going for something basic in neutral and easily styled colours helps introduce a starting palette to your wardrobe.
Adding colour with accessories is a great way to go if you are more of a neutral dresser. It can breathe a little life in to any outfit.

So that’s how I’ve been hacking my brain around my fashion style recently. To this day it’s still growing and evolving and I’ve bought more clothes than I care to admit to accommodate for that. Final tip: don't be afraid of incorporating some of your summer wardrobe into your autumn one. that's why we have this beautiful trend of layering. But also i cant afford that many new clothes. 

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