Saturday, 31 December 2016

Moments of 2016

As this year draws to a close, I thought I would take this opportunity to reflect on the year. I haven’t been around much for reasons I can’t explain but I hope I can find some sort of blogging balance in 2017. Here’s to another year packed fun of memories.

One. Travel

I think this year in total I have been to 4 different countries and I don’t plan to stop there. From Amsterdam to volunteering in Thailand to a day trip to Paris, each opportunity has made me realise how incredibly lucky I am.

Two. Uni
I passed first year and made it to second year. I have an offer to study for a year abroad in New York state. And I have been working a lot more at uni and making more friendships and laughs

Three. Friends

I have lost friends and made new ones from here and around the world and realised the ones you should keep and the ones you should let go of. But I wouldn’t change any of the memories I made with any of them. I am the combined effort of everybody I’ve ever known.

Four. Broom broom
Yes this year I am the proud owner of a car. Living within my means is something I am learning to do, but I couldn’t be happier to be on the road and have a new sense of freedom.

Five. New flat
I think you guys know the deal with my first year halls but this year has been a complete 360. I have made some amazing friends through them and I feel so grateful for them every day and the absence of silence in the kitchen

Six. Increased happiness

As the year as gone by I have grown in my sense of happiness and you know what, being happy is the best feeling. Having a lasting smile on my face has deffo been a highlight.

Seven. Reconnecting

It’s so important to keep those friends back at home, well, the ones that bother to hold up a conversation with you. I’ve had so much fun taking breaks to pop down and see friends from school and work and makes new ones

Eight. New blog name
Yes after many years of being known as Holy Chic, i changed my blog name to my own name because all i can ever be is me. i thought this change would solve my relationship with blogging but we are slowly getting there and i am ready to take this blog into a new direction.

This year has had its highs and lows but you just gotta keep going and see what’s through the next door. To 2016, I leave you behind but I won’t forget you. 2017, bring it on. 

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