Sunday, 29 January 2017

Everyday Makeup

I kid you not that they makeup I have been doing to my face hasn’t changed since I started wearing makeup. Eyeliner, mascara and brows. I’ve had my phases with makeup when it comes to overusing eyeshadow, blusher, bronzer and I’ve realised that it just isn’t for me. I like to keep my skin clear and just do a little bit to make me look more alive.

I start by moisturising my skin. What I use varies depending on how my skin looks but it tends to be E45 and either a Garnier face cream, the body shop vitamin e cream or cocoa butter.

On my brows I’m using the Primark brow pencil in dark brown. A pencil sharpener is needed but for £1, it has a spooley on the other end and gives me nice precise lines and a very natural look. You may want a brow setter but I’ve given up with those.

For eyeliner, I’ve started using the urban decay perversion eyeliner and I am loving it. Gives such precise lines with a great fine tip, it’s an intense black colour and it doesn’t budge. Similar to that, the stila stay all day liner is amazing too and a cheaper option I go back to is the Maybelline master precise. I always go back to either of those when I’m running low on eyeliner

Then I move on to mascara and I’ve been using the classic volume express by Maybelline and for £5, its pretty darn good. But like eyeliners, I’ve been through my fair share of mascaras. I think my favourite to date is the two faced better than sex mascara. But I am always open to trying new ones.

Occasionally, I have blemish spots that I just don’t want to see so I will use the NARS all day luminous weightless foundation which is great to for just adding to those little areas as I really don’t like it all over my face. Better yet, it matches my skin so I love NARS for that.

And that’s honestly it. I really like the simplicity of it now and how understated it is. Going back to basics was the best thing I did. seem to get a lot of compliments on my makeup so I must be doing something right, right?


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