Wednesday, 18 January 2017

New year, 20 facts about me!

As the saying ‘new year new me’ still circulates around the masses, I thought I would let you guys get to know me a little better. Having fallen in and out of love with blogging for the past year or so, I think it’s time I brought you back up to speed. 

  • 1.       I am 19 years old and my birthday is in may
  • 2.       I am in my second year of university studying media
  • 3.       I used to be a competitive swimmer
  • 4.       I’ve done the same makeup on my face since I was 12. (post coming soon)
  • 5.       I have loved fashion and wanted to work in fashion since I was 12
  • 6.       I work a lot with young people on different areas of mentoring and education
  • 7.       I own way too many clothes (but who doesn’t)
  • 8.       Biggest pet peeves: bad manners, seeing what people are eating
  • 9.       I am from London and if you ever meet me, you will know straight away
  • 10.   I wear glasses (but not as much as I should)
  • 11.   I love travelling, seeing new places and being in a different mindset.
  • 12.   I love watching real crime tv shows and crime dramas. All the CSIs, SVU, snapped, fatal vow. Honestly, I could go on. Love them all
  • 13.   I think I have been to about 10 different countries. But I won’t stop there
  • 14.   The friends that I have mean the world to me
  • 15.   I am the proud owner of a car. Still getting used to it but I love it
  • 16.   I can be quite messy but it’s an organised mess … sort of ;)
  • 17.   I am 5”6 (almost)
  • 18.   I love watching tv shows. If you suggest one to me I’ve probs seen it.
  • 19.   I like being busy. It gives me a sense of purpose
  • 20.   My hair is real!

      Tell me an interesting fact about you below. I would love to get to know my readers too J


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