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Top 12 wardrobe essentials | #fashionfebruary

For today’s post, I couldn’t stick to 5 or 10 so today we have 12 essentials. Amongst all the shopping that I do, there are lots of basics and staple pieces that you always need in your wardrobe, can with stand trends and goes with any outfit.

Today I want to share with you my top 12 wardrobe essentials you need to have. These will work great as base items for your wardrobe and could even work well as part of a capsule wardrobe

Oversized jumper

I love an oversized jumper purely for the comfort but it’s also a great transitional piece. This one I have from New Look is breathable so it’s great for layering, a great transitional piece from autumn to winter and winter to spring. Something that oversized also works great with slimmer fitting things like a dungaree dress, skinny jeans or an aline skirt.

Plain white t

I bet your probably sick of hearing about this item but it really is a staple. With the current trend of the black slip dress over a white t, it feels even more essential to own one. A great transitional piece across all seasons. The one I have is from h&m but these aren’t hard to come by.


Although blazers are known for their formality, I love these for adding outfits a little more structure. They again are a great transitional piece and work well as a jacket in the slightly warmer weather. To avoid the whole suit looking vibe, this one from new look works well because it’s in a block colour but has a waffle texture to it making it more casual.


I am a through and through trainer’s person but I really do think that they are a versatile piece and can change any outfit. The ones shown are what I have been wearing a lot recently and I love that they go with dresses, skirts, jeans and trousers work great too for a smart casual look. Invest in your trainers.

Black trousers

Kind of bouncing off the smart causal comment, trousers are a great piece to just have in your wardrobe. Whether you’re bored of jeans, have an interview or striving for that more put together look, they are another versatile piece. I love that the make me look like I have my shit together which is fab.


Everyone always says the little black dress. They come in many different forms but I’ve gone for more casual approach. This black tunic dress has a tie waist to give you a little more shape but it can take me from day to night, to winter, to summer (maybe not so much the colour). It’s a light breathable material that is great for layering with check shirts in particular


Finding a bag that suits your needs is so important. In this case, I have different bags but each have a purpose and suits the life I lead. I have a tote bag from h&m for those days when I need to chuck everything in ad go, a backpack to take the load off one shoulder and put it on both and a little side bag for nights’ out

Understated jewelry

This is the jewelry that I never leave the house without. My watch, charm bracelet, my coloured tied bands, now my new necklace and for those nights out, some earrings. Accessories can really tie a whole outfit together but those can go out of fashion. Invest in your understated jewellery to keep you going for years to come.

Your perfect jeans

You can never go wrong for a pair of jeans. Ones that fit you well, go from day to night and are comfortable. With so many different styles and cuts of jeans, there is something out there for you. I go for a high waisted skinny jean and turn up the bottoms but whatever floats your boat, buy them.

Turtle neck

Turtle necks have been a prominent trend for years and I really don’t see them going anywhere any time soon. I love that they are just a cold weather fashion fix, can be smart or casual and make you look really put together. And there are lots of different styles of turtle neck to suit your body.

Black ankle boots

What would I do without an ankle boot ey? They are a great piece suitable for day or night and again, are sort of a cold weather fashion fix. I like the flat Chelsea boots for the day, great for running errands or looking like I didn’t just wake up 15mins ago for a lecture. The heeled lace up boots are great for my nights out in London and anytime I need a more formal look


I think it’s hard to say there is 1 jacket you should own but I did keep it to 2. I think whichever jacket you choose is dependent on the weather. Leather jackets I think are better for the autumn winter because of their texture and likewise, denim jackets are better for the spring and summer. Denim screams warmer weather and banging out the leather for the autumn/winter is just what your wardrobe needs.

So…that was one heck of a post. But I hope you stuck around till the end with me. I think the overriding theme here is versatility, smart casual, comfort and looking like I have my shit together. With the right essentials, you really can create any look.

Thanks for reading the #fashionfebruary posts. Use the hashtag to tweet about it and new related posts will be up every Wednesday and Sunday this month. 

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