Sunday, 5 February 2017

Wardrobe organisation tips | #fashionfebruary

I tend to be one of those people that after watching a lot of organisation and cleaning videos on YouTube, I just want to throw everything away and start afresh. I recently cleaned out my wardrobe and although I still own a lot of clothes, I want to keep it manageable, very versatile and still with space for it to grow.

So I thought this would be a great time, as we are only one month into 2017, to share with you my wardrobe organisation tips

Take it all out
it’s so hard to see everything you have and go through it all when it’s still in the wardrobe. Take it all out and give the wardrobe a nice clean too. I like to add some drawer fresheners too just for the little extra.

Velour/felt finish hangers are bae
as nice as the wire copper hangers look, I’ve found the felt finish ones just keep everything on the hanger. They are nice and thin so you can have more room for clothes in the wardrobe (which is the best for me and my spending habits) and you can make it look sleek e.g. buying all one colour

Roll the clothes in your draws
I’m not really sure how it made sense when I wasn’t doing this before but this is a game changer. Rolling the clothes allows for less wrinkles, more clothes in a row and you can see everything that you own. If you wanna get extra fancy, you can organise it by colour but I just order my top draw by trousers and skirts then tops.

If the doors don’t close, somethings gotta go
I have this issue all too often. There really is no point hoarding clothes you just don’t wear. I can’t tell you how shameful it is that I have so many clothes with tags still on it. I like to keep the things I regularly wear and are relatively timeless pieces. Those clothes you don’t need could go to better homes. I give mine to friends and charity but I am considering putting depop into the mix. Thoughts?

Utilising the space available
my wardrobe at uni is the only form of clothes storage I had so everything pretty much had to fit in there. I bought a hanging separator thingy to put my shoes in. Alternatively, you could stack shoe boxes along one side. I’ve found that doing this also means I have less space for clothes and can rein in on the spending. Also, try putting hooks on the inside of your wardrobe doors. I like to use them to hang belts, bags I use all the time etc.

Among the chaos, have some sort of order
people like to do this lots of different ways e.g. by colour, style, usage etc. I kind of just organise my wardrobe by item. I usually start with scarves, skirts, trousers, tops, jumpers, casual dresses, dressy dresses, jackets then coats. This way I know where everything is and if I buy anything new, I know where to put it too.

I hope you found this post somewhat helpful and spurs on an urge to clean out your wardrobe. Think there is a tip I should try? Let me know below. I tend to clean out my wardrobe fairly often.

Thanks for reading the #fashionfebruary posts. Use the hashtag to tweet about it and new related posts will be up every Wednesday and Sunday this month. 

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