Friday, 1 September 2017

Friday Favourites #1

I thought I would switch it up this week and every so often do a Friday favourites lowdown. It’s not every month or every week that I am going to have this on the blog, but they will be frequent enough to have a different circulation of items within them.

Favourite items

Skincare – the not so clarisonic

This is a vibrating facial cleansing brush that I picked up whilst I was in china because it was like £4 and how could I say no to that. I have been using it every week or so with an array of different cleansers and facial scrubs in circular motions around my face. The brush is really soft and doesn’t irritate the skin. I got it in the best shop in the world, Miniso (think muji meets tiger- what a dream shop)

Minnie mouse goes travelling

This was definitely a head turner buy all of the flight attendants whilst I was travelling but who can resist, it’s just so adorable. This Minnie mouse neck pillow is a great find from Primark at only £5 from the Disney collection. It’s made of memory foam as supposed to those god awful beans that don’t support your neck and has a little clip making it great for traveling. Oh and long car journeys

Denim galore

Because I pop this over outfits, it’s made its way to this section but another china purchase (sorry, not sorry) but it’s this true blue oversized denim jacket. Does what it says on the tin really but goes great with my black wardrobe and is an oversized fit as supposed to 5x larger than I actually am fit

What I’ve been watching


They are in a completely different ball game of their own and I am just obsessed. It’s a nice change from English tv shows and the endless cycle of Netflix and plus, they are all on one convenient little app called Viki. It works sort of like Netflix but has Chinese dramas, Korean, Japanese and Taiwanese ones. All with English subtitles because the smallest amount of Chinese that I know could not save me here.

Favourite outfits

This has been my go to recently with the English in between weather. I featured this on my Instagram recently and I’ll take the hearts as a people liked this look. Works well as a causal and formal outfit and is a great transitional piece that I will be taking from summer to autumn. Plus this blush pink colour is all the rage at the moment


Because I haven’t stopped talking about it and I have no intention of doing so, you guys know that I was in china for 2 months exploring another culture and another part of the world. You can read more about it in my When in China part 1 post and there will be a follow up coming soon. But until then enjoy these sneaky pictures.

Something to think about

And to end this favourites post, I leave you with a quote that just resonated with me. I saw something in it that I had seen in many others.

Hope you guys enjoyed the post and tell me some of your favourites below! Always looking to try new things



  1. Wow your China trip looks awesome, I haven't explored many Asian countries before but I'd love to do some adventures there in future. I just think it'd be such an eye opener because their culture is so different to my own.

    Julia //

    1. Highly recommend china and not the cliche places. a wealth of culture out there and would love to explore more of asia. thanks for your comment :)


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