Friday, 26 January 2018

Friday favourites #3

I haven’t done one of these ones in a while but every so often, its good to take a look back at the things you have been loving or testing out. I can never get my head around having different favourites every single month. I think that stresses me out more than it should. But this way, I have more flexibility in the amount of times I upload.

Favourite items

I am loving the new range that Maybelline have released. I never fall for the hype of new launches but when I was on the market, I stumbled upon the colour temptation range. Firstly, the mascara smells amazing coconutty and I hate coconuts. Its so much lighter on your lashes and really easy to take off. The brow definer is also great for carving out a shape for your brows and they don’t budge at all. Really great release and I am so impressed with those two products.
On the flip side, I have gotten into reading again. Shamefully, I have not read a book properly since English ALevel. It really put me off and I was buying books I felt I had to read and not ones I really wanted to. But I’ve found a book that I’m only 100 pgs in and I am hooked. Its called close to home all about a girl who has gone missing. A vague synopsis but I highly recommend it if you like crime/mystery books.

What I’m watching

Think everyone knows that friends is finally on Netflix and I have noticed that not all of the episodes are complete but I think that says a lot about me. Having started it on new year’s day, I think I am two far ahead for the average human and I am just glued to my ipad screen these days.
I also watched This is Us in like one day and I highly recommend it. Like such a coming of age story with lots of different layers woven into the narrative and such a beautiful story. So many times I had to pause it just to get my emotions in order.

Although not tv, I have loved watching crime/mystery videos on youtube. I have loved tv shows of this genre for as long as I could remember so this little part of youtube is great for me. I particularly love Danelle hallan, Bella fiori and Georgia marie. But so many people are doing them now

Let’s listen

Considering I recently got my spotify subscription back, I have really been enjoying music again. I love discovering new artists and you know, playing a song over and over again until I am sick of it. Right now, anything not3s and mabel is just my jam, I am loving Troye sivans new music and ansel elgorts song supernova. I love the song bad by steel bangles and the song empty room but the cabu remix. And isn’t finesses just the greatest song you have ever heard. Just what I needed. Music has such an uplifting quality about it that it just puts me in the best mood.

Fashion favourites

You guys know from my previous hauls and PLT review that I have been loving the sales section. In particular, I have been loving the outerwear section and have added two new coats to my wardrobe from ASOS and Zara. Two very different pieces and probably both unnecessary but they were just what I felt was missing from my wardrobe. The puffer more for now and a street style look and the longline coat will be great as we move into the warmer months and an allrounder occasion piece.
As I move more fashion items into my wardrobe, I am parting ways with other items on my depop account which I highly recommend you check out. TOO MUCH of the stuff I sell is never worn so if you like bags, oversized pieces, adidas or a plus size girl, I think I have something for you. My username is amirasw and it would mean soo much if you came and said hello.

Something to think about

“Always keep fighting because no matter what, you deserve to live the life you have”

This is a quote I conjured up, but it may also exist on other parts of the internet just expressed in various other ways. But I put this quote on my new years resolutions/bucket list. After all the crap that I dealt with last year, I felt like this was necessary to get me in the right head space for the new year. So far, so good.

Let me know some of your favourites below because I apparently love spending money I don’t have.

Stay woke folks x


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