Thursday, 22 February 2018

Things i've learnt about myself

I am no stranger to those 20 things I’ve learnt in 20 years post but this one is definitely more focused on the last year to two years or so. I suppose once I finish uni, I will do a more in depth post about my experiences and a whole series on uni stuff but I really think this place has taught be a lot of valuable lessons about myself, ones that have completely changed my outlook on myself and life ahead of me.

1. University really isn’t for me – I feel like I have to explain myself on this because it’s not that I don’t love uni, the way my course is structured really doesn’t bode well with how I like to work. My deadlines fall at the end of the term so it means I do fuck all for like 3 months, do about 2 weeks of solid work and that’s it. As someone who loves to be busy, this, as you can imagine, leaves me many days to just sit in bed and watch the day pass by. Plus, the whole dynamic of university is odd. Think about it, living in a bubble of a bunch of same aged students and forced to make it work almost, life really isn’t like that and if uni is supposed to prepare you for real life, this couldn’t be further from the truth

2. I have a really good work ethic – I don’t know how much I have spoken about my internship in china but as the first 4 weeks of it showed me, if I am given a task, I will give it my all and I will work and work until no more can be done. That was also the case for my second internship and I was actually complimented on that in the end. I always feel that saying I have a good work ethic is something I write on my CV just to get hired, but its an actual fact, and I can prove that

3. Following on from that, I always deserve respect. Respect is a two-way street. You want respect, that has to be earned. You show me respect I will show you respect. Simple right. Funnily enough, people don’t seem to get that, and you should NEVER accept anything less that that. I got less that respect at my internship and it made me feel like shit and made me apologetic for absolutely nothing. Now that doesn’t me you go all cold hearted to get this entitled respect because if you deserve it, you will get it. Don’t force it. Always be kind and respectful and give everything your all.

4. I know what it means to be happy – this is probably just me, but I have always wondered what it means to actually be happy like what does that feel like. Without even realising, I know what that it. I feel it in my gut; when something feels good and when something feels wrong. With this, it means I have complete power over making myself happy and that is one of the most liberating feelings ever

5. I am an ambivert – I don’t know why it took me until now to figure this out but an ambivert is who I am. I am very much an introverted person, more of a homebody than a let’s go out and get drinks but when I do go out, that’s when that part of me is unlocked and released. And that’s because I have a balance of introvert and extrovert features in my personality. Although I have this balance, I think its more like 60/40 or 70/30, more being introverted but this has just explained why I am the way I am on so many nights out, dinners, etc.

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So those are some of the most important lessons I have learnt about myself recently. I think every day, we learn something new about ourselves. Sometimes I think it can take a little while longer in our heads but hey, its taken me nearly 21 years to figure this out, what will I figure out in the next 21?

 stay woke folks x



  1. I'm an introvert but I've never really heard of an ambivert before. It makes so much sense though, I know for a lot of people they don't feel like they really fully fit into just introvert or extravert.

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

    1. Everything made sense when i heard the term ambivert. i guess we shouldn't all be confined to labels but this oddly put me at ease


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